12 May 2009

Bart B More

Bart B More
is not from Baltimore, but rather is a prolific electro house / rave house producer from The Netherlands that happens to have gained an impressive amount of popularity in the blog world, even on electro blogs. He has a very distinct style which you'll easily pick up on as soon as you start listening to his tracks. Great for raves. And if you're curious as yo why we've been posting so much, the answer is that its finals week.


Carmina Burana v. I Love U (Bart B More Remix) - Larry Tee

I Love U (Bart B More Secured Dub) - Larry Tee
This mashup is the perfect way to open a rave set. Steve Aoki actually used it to open his Essential Mix, no commentary on the man himself though. I've also inlcuded the original 320 of the Bart B More song used.

Show (Bart B More Remix) - Laidback Luke & Tom Stephan feat. Romanthony (REMOVED)
This song is actually the least like his style, but definitely one of my favorites. Really great chords.

So It Goes (A Day In The Life) (Original Club Mix) - Bart B More
His most recent single, this would go over well for the college crowd because of the rap.

Apple (Bart B More Remix) - Sander Van Doorn
I could definitely see Laidback Luke dropping this track to great effect.

Touch Me (Bart B More Remix) - Bingo Players Vs Chocolate Puma
I think this song really needs massive speakers to be fully appreciated.

The Deep End (Bart B More Remix) - Curses!
This track is a little more friendly to the electro fan. Great buildups.

Fly Or Bounce (Bart B More Rerub) - Destroy Disco

Great buildup as well, also electro friendly.

Anticipation (Bart B More Remix) - David Vendetta Feat Barbara Tucker
Massive rave track.

Today (Bart B More Remix) - Magnesia

This track is actually really progressive. Very unlike him, but really pretty.

Make Some Noise (Original Mix) - Bart B More

More crazy raveness, although I could even see some electro DJs dropping this if they felt like spinning house.

Bump To Dis (Bart B More & Bingo Players Remix) - Ron Carroll

Starts off as quite the cheeseball, but it turns out to be pure rave.

Something Good (Bart B More Remix) - Utah Saints
CRAZY BUILDUP AND DROP. Would destroy a rave crowd and definitely get everyone cheering.

Dream Of The Bomb - Bart B More & Tony Flexx
I really like this song. I wouldn't play it live, but its got a really cool sample and great beat. More classic house sound.

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