12 May 2009

Great blogs + Audible Later

We all love Swehouse, but make room for Electrofoppish. Go check it out, a bunch of great stuff. A particularly nice thing I liked was a big collection of Swedish House Mafia here. Got a few things I didn't have, to get a clearer idea of what's in this go to this archive and you will find a tracklist. Unfortunately a lot of dead links, but I saw a bunch that I did not have including some bart b more and Thomas Gold. The blog is unfortunately littered with stuff we don't want, and crappy posts, but it's worth it to find those good ones. Tons of dead links, but definitely still worth it, at this point I've found tons of stuff.
This blog isn't really something like Swehouse, in the sense, that now that I've looked through it, and taken everything I could, I'm basically done with it. They havn't updated in almost two months...

Also expect on a post on a prog house artist called audible, getting a lot of praise on a lot of blogs.

EDIT: Found another great one, I've decided its better then the new one I put up above. But it's worth going through both. But if you're only going to go through one make it this one: Housemusic4life.blogspot.com It's awesome, I mean seriously. It also has this section in the back where all the stuff that's been sent to it is. However, it really must be said, that after a while I was going through those things that were sent, and not a single one was working, except for some rapidshare links.
House-Musique.blogspot also seems very good, though I won't have time to go through it. Asteroidz seems alright too.

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