23 April 2009

Headlining A Retirement Home Near You

Bingo Players
are a house duo from the Netherlands. They make rave house. I can see any of the following tunes destroying a massive crowd. I bet they'd be fun to see live, I envision them getting really into it. Also, I really don't have that much material by them, so I encourage anyone to please post links in the comments of other songs that should be included in this post, or if you 'contribute' to this blog, please just go ahead and add them.

Muzik (Bingo Players Remix) - Villanord
The kick in this song alone would make thizzing kids jump with glee.

Chop (Original Mix) - Bingo Players

Falling For You (Bingo Players Remix) - Soulcatcher feat. Amanda Wilson
Once again, the I can already feel the speakers at EDC shaking me.

Feel What You Want (Bingo Players Remix) - Kristine W

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