22 April 2009

I Wear My Son Lux's At Night

This post is definitely more for Jumpman, but Ju Shu, you should still take a break from Wolfgang Gartner and listen to this album, even if you delete it after wards for space. Son Lux, or Ryan Lott, is an experimental producer that Jordan Kenna introduced to me. He studied composition at Indiana University School of Music, then just decided he'd make beats instead (could this be the future of Ian Gottleib?). The result is a fantastic journey through ambient sounds, chilling vocals, hell, the album is just someting else. I want to describe his style as Trentemøller does very dark hip-hop, but that still doesn't quite cover it. I've also just learned during my little bit of research for this post that he's done some remixes, including one for Beirut, so I'll go hunting for those and probably add them to this post eventually. Until then, smoke a blunt and bump this:

At War With Walls And Mazes - Son Lux (REMOVED)
Instead, Mr. Lott asked me to direct those interested to his blog where there are FREE tracks available, including said remixes. YAY!

BONUS (aka my apology for that awful title pun):
Sunglasses At Night (Popof Remix 1) - Tiga and Zyntherius
Sunglasses At Night (Popof Remix 2) - Tiga and Zyntherius
Yes Maam (All Nite Long) (Trentemøller Remix) - Visti & Meyland

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