23 April 2009


Alfred Weisberg-Roberts (aka Daedelus) is a Santa Monica dj/producer, who is a master of experimental electronic music, he's released an amazing 8 full length albums in the past 10 years, and i am pleased to share them with you now. He loves the aesthetics of the 19th century dandyists, which shows in both his music and his period costumes. His music is a form of abstract hip-hop using alot of samples from the early 20th century, i.e. 30's or 40s pop, coupled with some inspiration from Drum and Bass and Dubstep. This guy just bleeds originality. One of the most amazing sounds of our generation, and if you get a chance to catch one of his epic live performances do, he's really into doing amazing, and most impressively improvised tricks on that monome of his.

Daedelus - Invention (The best of his early albums ,his first, amazing beats, sound defining album right here, you might recognize the song experience, cause MF Doom and (mostly) Madlib Sampled it for their song Accordion on the hip-hop masterpiece Madvillainy, PS. crack out the opium pipes for this one)

Daedelus - Rethinking the Weather (Cool, but doesn't hold up to invention, or his later releases, but nonetheless a really good collection of beats.)

Daedelus - Of Snowdonia (the most laidback of his album's, though very nice, it's probably my least favorite, some real gems on it are Pocket Watch Pulse, Taking Wing, and Telling Meaning)

Daedelus - A Gent Agent (Has some of the most awesome DnB tracks on it i.e. Am Scray and Turncoats in Tourniquets)

Daedelus - Exquisite Corpse (At this point he's really found his sound, and as such this is the first of a new level for him which is continued in the the following releases. Hip-hop defines this album, but like hip-hop from another time, has some very exciting guest features including none other than TTC, Prefuse 73, and MF Doom, This along with the next two are highly recommended.) 

Daedelus - Denies the Day's Demise (Love the artwork, Little Nemo in Slumberland, this album is definitely my favorite of his, just epitomizes his aesthetic, listen to all the way through, it will not disappoint, highlights are Sundown, At my Heels, and Like Clockwork Springs, simply astounding dreamy electronic straight from la belle époque)

Daedelus - Love to Make Music to (the danciest of his albums, fair weather friends, i took two, and Hrs:Mins:Secs, make this a must have. Highly recommended)

Even if you can't get them all now(which is why i did the little reviews) you will want all of these at somepoint.

In a related incident, Saw this guy at a persian restaurant down the street from me last week, ahhhh chops des muttons!

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