23 April 2009

Dabruck & Klein

Continuing my electro house fetish / house artists posts, I would like to introduce Dabruck & Klein from Germany (aka Duetchland aka The Father Land aka Jumpman's sauerkraut farm...). I promised that I would find out more about these guys when I happened to stumble upon one of their tracks on some blog because I was impressed as hell. Their other tracks live up. Add another name to that growing list of DJs to see before I die...

Everybody (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Rudenko

I want to play this one live very badly. It's awesome because the line is unique and unexpected. Grabs you.

Starstrings (Dabruck & Klein Mix) - Jody Wisternoff
This track sounds to clean. How do they make their drums/synths/everything sound so fucking good?

Hold On Tight (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Lambda

It's A Swede Thing (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Goodwill & Tommy Trash

The Answer (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Joachim Garraud & CB Lyon feat. Margeau

This one's got a fidgety bass.

Cars (Original Mix) - Dabruck & Klein

Remix of an 80's classic.

Your Favorite Flu (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Dada Life

We do love Dada Life.

Love You Baby (Dabruck & Klein Vocal Mix) - Out Of Office
Their first track that I got of theirs. I've already posted it in the Eclectic House post, but I figured I'd include it in this one anyways. If you don't have this one, highly recommended.


This will also be the only Bastille post of the weekend most likely, since we'll be destroying Vassar all day tomorrow for the HOWBOWT festival. Ju Shu should be destroying them tonight as well, but a minor incident has prevented the poor guy from making it on time.


  1. You playing at vassar? if so, good luck guys!
    that rudenko is sick