27 April 2009


Been gone a while, had some car troubles...haha I was disappointed when I saw this picture and that it wasn't some cover to a porn movie. Though I'm pretty sure these is just a drum sample package. I really like how the picture is reflected at the bottom of the frame, really cool picture. A+ But I'm not here to talk about that. The fact is we all know Dirty South as someone who's destroying the Prog-House scene. It seems like an obvious thing to post a long list of Dirty South songs, but we were late to the game with Dirty South. There's tons of his material which I just don't have and am really curious to hear, you can see a big list of them on Discogs Here. I am posting some tracks which were hard to find (relatively, I'm sorry if you have them) along with some old favorites. When I first heard about dirty south, when we saw him play after Laidback Luke (I think), I was impressed by 2-3 songs but not really very impressed. Always wondered why Laidback Luke isn't bigger then dirty south. And I still wonder that, but it makes so much more sense now why I think Dirty South still has a spot which Laidback Luke hasn't obtained (I might be wrong about that, but it was Dirty South playing at Ultra and not Laidback Luke).

In the Dark (Dirty South Remix) by Tiesto Though I know the other half of Bastille knows it, here is his remix of Tiesto which has risen to be one of my new favorites by him, and actually the first track I ever got by him according to my date modified. I guess I just never gave it a great listen. I especially like the end:

The Things You Say (Dirty South Remix) by Cicada
What a crazy remix. I first heard this remix at Ultra, and was in the crowd just awed at the simple yet so effective "Do you imagine, you can get away with the things you say" (I think is what is said, but whatever it doesn't really matter) with all that delay on it. What an amazing buildup, and then into a crazy drop. I would consider this a rave anthem for sure.

Alamo (Original Mix) by Dirty South Something Great about this song, definitely one of my favorites of his, its kinda minimal in a prog way. Especially compared to the Tiesto remix, but I think that's where Dirty South is his heading in a way.

Angel (Dirty South Remix) by Dirty South Mediocre

When I grow up ( Dirty South Mix) by The Pussycat Dolls
Very interesting track, very minimal in a way. It's growing on me.

Changes (Dirty South remix) by Chris Lake Another interesting song. I wouldn't be surprised if that Pussycat Dolls remix was earlier in his career and that this remix is in between. Really Cool though

Sexual Erruption (Dirty South remix) by Snoop Dog Really cool, took a while to grow on me. There are definitely parts that I like more the other parts. The beginning is not like him at all, it's interesting. Meaning I like the second half better then the first half, sounds more like him that's for sure.

Pyramid (Dirty South remix) by John Dahlback I forgot to put this up, it's not hard to find. At the end of the day, I would always play the original over this, but it's pretty good. Basically just adds chords and some background noise.

I would also get a song called minority (original mix) by Dirty South, pretty cool.

Some more ok stuff:

Stop Me (Dirty South Remix) by Mark Ronson Very electro in a way. But just ok in my opinion.

We are (rip) by Dirty South

It's Too late (Dirty South remix) by Evermore The breakdown is the best part. It's listenable as a song for sure. Just not my favorte line I guess.


Body Crash (Dirty South remix) by Buy Now!

Here are some good remixes:

A classic:
Let it go (axwell remix) by Dirty South

Better Day (Tv rock remix) by Dirty South
, So cool

I forgot to put it up, I will do so soon but:

Shield (D Ramirez B Movie Remix) by D Ramirez and Dirty South

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  1. damn, i got really excited, i thought you were starting to post drum samples. that would be incredible. anyway. love you guys. check the site. your mentioned. word. out.