28 April 2009

Pass Around That J Pop

By now I know you guys are familiar with Ayumi Hamasaki, J Pop sensation. Here's her most recent remix album, and I know you've got a few of the tracks on here but there are other remixers that you're going to want, including Armand Van Helden. The remixes cross tons of genres too, and the copies are at 256 kbps and I'm pretty sure are equal to or better quality than the ones you've already got. Anyways, enjoy, I'm about to look for its silver sister CD which has got a High Contrast remix.

Ayu-mi-x 6: GOLD - Ayumi Hamasaki
The Para One Remix has become my favorite, even over the MSTRKRFT one.

Found it:
Ayu-mi-x: SILVER - Ayumi Hamasaki
This one is more pop.

P.S. I couldn't include the album art in the zip because it made the file 100.1 MB and thus too big for mediafire, so just grab it from this post.

P.P.S. They took down the U2 remix post and sent me a very stern email about it. So if you happened to miss any tracks on that post that you wanted, let me know and I'll send you the links, or just go here for some of them. Why did they take ours away but not his...

Laser Laser (Nightbreaker Remix) - Neo Tokyo (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
This track is AWESOME. Very happy to see that good electro is still being made. Can't wait for the 320.

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  1. nice post, its too bad she's going incurably deaf,
    and yeaaaa para one remix!