30 June 2011

New Theme

I think I've tired the Archer theme, which means it's time for a new post theme.  I could do like cool paintings or some shit, or pick another tv show, but I dunno!  I've just started a full time job basically, so my time has schedule is much less concerned with thinking about the blog.  But I'm still uploading each post over night and posting before work becuase I love you, I love you all so very very much.

In other news, we're are almost done mastering our French/Disco House EP.  We dropped two of the tracks at our last gig and they seemed to do the job.  So yah.  But I digress, please throw me some theme ideas in the comments so I can get started on a new one when I begin my upload tonight.


Loose It (Ibiza Mix) - Alesso (Golden Banana)
Alesso.  Man.  Name of the month, maybe past few months.

8Bit Nighttrain (Original Club Mix) - Nora En Pure, Daniel Portman (Silver Banana)
Funkiest shit I've ever heard from Portman.  Tech House, but on the Housier side.

E621 - Exponaut (Silver Banana)
HUGE Dubstep track, and not one that's just overly abrasive but it actually has some merody, howbowtdat?

Regurgitate - Noisia

Boom feat. FTampa - The Boomzers
Some good ol' fashioned Electro.  Complextro side of tings, so I guess it aint that ol' fashioned.

Turn Da Music Up (Original Mix) - Da Fresh
^Right idea, no?  Tech House.

Sinfonia del Diablo - Guapo Feo
Some Moombahton that samples der Derpstep.  On the Mechanical side.

Jazz Hands - Dr. Ozi
Drumstep on the abrasive side.

Feels So Good (Tristan Garner Remix) - Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali
Cheesy Progressive House does feel so good.  Nadia's voice kills too.

The Quest Of A Dream (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Dark Matters feat. Ana Criado
Moar Prog shiiiiiiii

Also, I thought I'd let you know how these posts work so you get a sense of where you're getting these tracks from.  I download a shit ton of music from the blogs I read and from checking daily beatport releases, mostly for the House/Techno/DnB since blogs cover the rest of the more niche stuff.  Then I obviously listen to them tracks while separating tracks that I like or think enough people would like into my 'To Post' list.  Then every night, I pick 9 tracks at random by setting that playlist on shuffle and grabbing the first 9 unposted tracks and put them into another playlist.  Then I pick 1 Golden Banana and throw that in as well.  So there you have it, that's why sometimes new tracks get posted immediately and sometimes it's a weeks before they make it, but this place isn't about the newest shit always, it's just 10 dope tracks a day according to the mind of myself.  And maybe some nerdy ass video game humor.


  1. Hey! waddup :P your blog is the one where i get the dopest songs! I love video games too!

    take care and keep posting!

  2. Post pictures of obscure cartoon characters for people to guess.

    Think stoop kid from Hey! Arnold or the dog(porkchop) from Doug

  3. the flavor bitchJuly 1, 2011 at 12:56 AM

    i know you've already done a few characters from DKC, but why not do a series where you name each post after every boss from DKC1 to DKC3 (fuck that Wii shit). start with Necky's Nuts and end with the K. Rool on the submarine. just a thought

  4. the flavor bitchJuly 1, 2011 at 1:07 AM

    sorry i meant very gnawty, necky is the second boss