28 June 2011


You must address me by my title, Countess Von Fingerbang


Renegade Master (Original Mix) - Markus Binapfl aka BIG WORLD (GOLDEN BANANA)
Tech House on the extremely Funky side with the sample you all know and love.

Virtual Friend (BT Remix) - Armin Van Buuren Feat. Sophie (Silver Banana)
Yes, it's Trance and it's cheesy, but this remix is incredible.  Fans of Complextro will love this.

Feelings Are Weapons That Can Kill feat Lisa Jane (Lutzenkirchen Remix) - Kevlar (Silver Banana)
Tech House on the Tribal side, EVERYONE needs more of this in their lives.  Really haunting vocals too.

Blow Out (Original Mix) - Felguk
There was a ton of hype on this track, but it wasn't really my thing.  Maybe I'm just missing it, or I need to hear it live.  Thoughts?  I normally love the shit out of Felguk too.

I Can Be A Freak - Religion
I actually met these guys randomly a week ago.  This here's a heavy ass Electro track.

United Kingdom - Benga
Yup.  Dubstep.  And Benga, we get it, you're British.  Woo ha.

Unleash The Fuckin' Dada (Dirtyloud Remix) - Dada Life
The other Brazilian Electro House giant.

Get Out (Original Mix) - Lazy Rich & Lizzie Curious
Typical Lazy Rich, Electro House.  It seems like he's trying to make Boom again, but he didn't quite hit the mark this time.

Menace - NumberNin6
Dubstep on the abrasive side.

Do It In The AM ft. Far East Movement (Lucky Date & Eli Smith Remix) - Frankmusik
Lucky Date sounding like Lucky Date, Eli Smith adding his name for some reason.  Oh label bosses.  Electro House.

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