13 June 2011

Moombahton has arrived

Hey, y'all. No excuses, I haven't been around. I'm sorry :(

Moombahton is pretty fantastic. The genre was created essentially by accident during a high school senior ditch party, a cousin of Dave Nada's asked if he could DJ for their class and he obliged. What Nada didn't know was that these were not the standard house-heads he was used to playing for, oh no, these were DC kids who loved reggaeton. They complained that the music he was playing was just too fast so Nada had to think on his feet. He threw down the pitch fader as low as it went and Moombahton was born. It's essentially slowed down Dutch-house with Cumbia and reggaeton inspired drums added. Original Moombahton tracks fit essentially the same mode but sound...well, more natural than the straight up edits that birthed the genre. Let me show you what I mean.

All of these tracks are Golden Bananas and that's not out of laziness.


Here's a great example of a straight up edit by the creator or the genre. Nothing is removed from the "original" but drums and accents are added. Also just a totally slammin' track.

This is one of those originals that I was talking about. This is also the track that converted me to Moombahton as I was initially a hater. Super Dutchy and slammin', just give it a listen.

Munchi may be the God of new music genres. Apparently he's already done with Moombahton, as indicated by his previously mentioned Rotterdam Juke EP. Also-Slammin'.

Ho got somethin' vibratin' in the coochie. Drop. (Possibly the most golden of these tracks)

I take that back, THIS may be the most Golden.

Even Diplo's gettin' in on the fun! This is another original track that deserves your attention.

Neki is another European beast of the Moombahton genre. Apparently he's Italian and knows a thing or two about hard, grinding sex music.

If you've heard the remix and have listened to the previous seven tracks you can probably tell where this is going. It succeeds.

The name of this DJ ("Party Sex") is absolutely accurate. This song may be down far but it is the FUCKING JAM. Must have.

Lastly but not leastly is a song that is NOT Moombahton, but Moombahsoul. This is grooving, sweet, passionate, loving music. This song will make babies without even trying. This song is the Most Interesting Man in the World of Moombahsoul. Enjoy, thoroughly.

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  1. Hey guys, I just want to add a song to this list.. I have a very mixed opinion about moombahton (some songs are simply slowed down house song with an additional drum, which is just cheap and sounds lame), however this bootleg of Turbulence is among the best moombahton I've ever heard: http://soundcloud.com/rogvi_n/laidback-luke-steve-aoki-lil