06 June 2011

Flammenwerfer Exclusive mix for AwB

Hello, my lovely apes.  I've been on a rather extended break for the musics, and it's been nice.  I'll probably be getting back into the swing of normal blog routines shortly, so look forward to grabbing your every genre fix from this here blog.  For now, I've got an exclusive mix from one of the best up and coming DJ/Producers in Los Angeles by the name of Flammenwerfer.  I just hope that Boys Noize or Ado takes a listen to this kid at some point, and if you haven't heard of this kid you should definitely click HERE.  So, if you've been pounding too much Moombahton and feel like treating yourself to some good ol' 128 again, check out this incredible mix for all your techno needs.

Apes with Barrels Exclusive Mix by Flammenwerfer

And if you're still tryna grind at 108, stay tuned for a gLAdiator megapost.  Or you can just click on their name to check it now, but I know you come here for my super witty self over the chunes.

Shout in the comments if you love Settlers for Catan!

Also, as I've been absent from everything music for the past 3 months, I'd appreciate comments with tracks that I missed and should be checked out.

Also also, Bastille's gonna have a big summer.  Liquid Sparks EP just needs to be mastered, and then we have a whole bunch of tracks of everywhich genre to be completed.

I'm back bitches.



  1. "but I know you come here for my super witty self over the chunes."

    Spot on.
    I have missed youuu