06 March 2011




Rolling In The Deep (Tom Buster & Kidzoy Remix) - Adele (Golden Banana)
Adele has a great voice.  This House track almost feels like something Moby could have made with the heavy reliance on the vocal sample.  This is Diva House.

Big Bass Drum (Original Mix) - Tai (Silver Banana)
Electro House track that's on loop.  Flawless production.

Get Ur Freak On (Alvaro & Punish Moombahton Remix) - Missy Elliott
Brilliant idea.  Moombahton really just comes down to figuring out what track will work well at 108.  This one certainly does.

Circadian Rhythm (Original Mix) - Adam K & Soha
My favorite Progressive House producers do John Dahlback, and it's awesome.  The line is amazing.

Pump Up The Jam (Da Fresh Goes To Miami Boot) - Technotronic
We definitely need more remixes of this track.  This one's heavy Electro Bass but overall Progressive feel makes it ELECTROGRESSIVE.

In The Sunshine (Don Palm & Johan Wedel Remix) - Disfunction feat. Max C
Progressive, high explosive energy.

Don't Fear To Rock (Beltek Remix) - Lutzenkirchen
Driving Techno, sounds a lot like Umek (they did used to collaborate a lot).

Bus (Original Mix) - BeatauCue
Fun House, brilliantly chopped vocals/samples.

Heartbeat (Darwin & Backwall Remix) - Dabruck, Klein Feat Stella Attar
Progressive House on the Tech side.

It's Over Now (Pete Tha Zouk Remix) - Lee Kalt, Mark Alston, Harry Romero
Extremely Big Room Progressive, the sort of stuff meant for stadiums.

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