13 February 2011

Wayne Rooney


Kobe who?
It's ok, go ahead and watch it again.

I want to say that they're the best Techno out there right now.  It's a pretty bold claim, and we all tend to make big sweeping statements like that daily.  But like, they're the best.

Are you ready?

Electro House, great track.  If your read this blog, you probably know what to expect from these guys anyways.

House, awesome, disco vibes.  Big Room style too.  I also enjoy the title, because to Bastille, Rollin' Deep means blasting intimidating Techno or extremely abrasive Dubstep while driving and ever breaking eye contact with the person in the car / walking next to you.

Cool Electro House track from an up and comer I discovered from Massachusetts.  Definitely grab this one.  Also be sure to check out his SOUNDCLOUD.

Massive Progressive House track, reminiscent of Pryda.  This also feels like it could have been in Tron.

Rave House.  I don't really know how to classify this sort of stuff.  It's got that Dutchy boom ba dum ba boom thing, and it's minimal and super dancey.  This is totally something Steve Angello would drop.

For the Techno heads out there.

Because somebody always wants Dubstep (you know who you are).

A gem from the Ghost Busters 2 soundtrack.  Cheers to gLAdiator for this one.

Wayne Rooney Zipped

Speaking of gLAdiator, here's a sick Dubstep mix from one of their members that dropped today:

Everyone Gets Dubstep Again 2 by Ramses (of gLAdiator)

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