14 February 2011

Theme Building Like A Boss

Risky Fresh's very own Hip Hop specialist just put out his latest beat tape, and this shit is pure fire.  If I had to describe Boss' style, it would be like cruising through Los Angeles at night while also being a badass loose cannon cop from a 1970s TV show.  That said, the compliation varies a lot too, with some clear influences from J Dilla, DJ Shadow, and Flying Lotus to name a few (there's even an M.I.A. style beat on it).  He samples like a Boss and programs drums like no other (listen for the classic Boss congas).  Be sure to check out his MYSPACE.

Theme Building - Boss
This is the whole beat tape, and I can't recommend it anymore highly.

And here are a few samples if you'd rather try before you buy download it.

Riders - Boss (GOLDEN BANANA)
If beat tapes had singles, this would be it.  The chorus will turn the whitest of men into a gospel preacher.

Delta - Boss (Silver Banana)
This beat is probably my personal favorite on the tape.  It really epitomizes that 70s cop show feel that I'm talking about.

Imagination - Boss
Willy Wonka beat.

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