01 February 2011


Doin my little dance, cuz I just scored a goal.  What of it?  It's just like playing Fifa, no?


Trigger (Original Mix) - MyBack (Golden Banana)
This came out a while ago, but I never got to it.  MyBack = John Dahlback + Albin Myers.  You should be sold.

Free Tribe (Original Mix)  - Tube & Berger
House, on the tribal side.

Oh Yeah (Original Mix) - Bass Kleph (Silver Banana)
This dude is killing it right now, putting out a slew of awesome Tech House tracks.  Don't skip anything with his name attached.

Moonwalker - Wilkinson
Yay DnB.  Do people that read this blog even like DnB?

Satisfaction (J. Rabbit Remix) - Benny Benassi (Silver Banana)
Because everyone loves this song, but wants to hear Dubstep.

Szeplo (Original Mix) - EDX
A little bit harder than his usual sound, still Progressive to the max, but this could be played.

Controller (Original Mix) - Muffler
More balls out Dubstep.

Turn The Lights Off (Dave Darell Remix) - Kato feat. Jon
It's got Progressive, Electro, and Dutch flavors.

Four On The Floor (Dodge & Fuski Remix) - GODSALL, Sean
Fun Dubstep, got a 4 to the floor part (duh) which I always love in Dubstep.

Stomp - Dayn
And moar Dubstep.


  1. I read this blog.
    And I love DnB.

    Therefore, yes to your question haha

  2. you know it's a good post when the smallest file is 10megs

  3. Electro, Drum n Bass and Dubstep. Everything that matters right now. If you'd throw in some chiptune, this blog would be perfect (for me, that is).