31 January 2011


This post is for Vickers. He loves this music deeply and is currently hanging with the dudes in the picture. Look at those studs! (Pun intended)

"Brostep" is a sub-genre of Dubstep. What differentiates Brostep from classic Dubstep is the focus on mid and high-range frequencies rather than classic low bass notes. Another observed trait of Brostep is that it is usually "harder" than Dubstep, sometimes too hard. The following six examples are NOT too hard, but are awesome. Brostep, it's what for dinner.

While I don't necessarily agree with Skrillex's personal method of performance, I love his music. He makes the thumpinest fucking brostep ever, truthfully. This song is no exception.

This is technically Drumstep (let's not get into that) but it certainly fills the "bro" part of this post. This guy Crizzly has eleven songs on his Soundcloud. Six are real good, three are GREAT, this one's my favorite. This guy is definitely worth a look.

Heard this first in the Magnetic Man essential mix. Really excellent bass synth on the drop. I know that's not descriptive but it's the melody more than anything. This is a great production.

Super roboty synth with, like, THE best most misogynistic vocal drop ever. Love this song. Play this at college and get that look from all the...well...hos.

Another awesome melody. Fun vocal drop plus sick bass drop equals totally playable choon.


PS: That's how I'ma rate things that aren't bananas of some kind, whether I would play them live or not. I would, and do, play all of these songs out.

PPS: I made a little Disney mashup for r/dubstep and they liked it so much I decided to share it with y'all. Enjoy!

Yes, that song.


  1. You got the tags, album art, and everything. Atta boy.

  2. ha, everything except the colored lettering. how the fuck does that work?!