09 February 2011

Joe Hart



82nd Airborne (Original Mix) - Daniel Portman, Stanley Ross (Golden Banana)
Daniel Portman is just one of these wonder producers that falls somewhere between Tech, Prog, and Trance.  Hard to classify, but definitely not hard to listen to.  Impeccable production.

Hysteresis (Original Mix) - Sharooz (Silver Banana)
Awesome Electro House with that driving feel of the new Acid tracks coming out (not BNR, more like Pacha On Acid).

Gave Me Love (David Jones Mix) - The Cube Guys, David Jones (Silver Banana)
Hau5 music for life.  Got that classic Disco feel, love it.  Found this on Avicii's Beatport chart.

Sucker Punch - Gtronic
Awesome driving Electro track.  Heavy and danceable.

Beat Me Back (Original Mix) - Supernova
EDIT* this track is a rip off of Kevin Saunderson without permission

Valhalla - SPL & Triage
Heavy ass Dubstep that's either sampling or heavily inspired by Hard Trance, and I have a big soft spot for Hard Trance.  If you do too, click HERE.

Windows (Oliver Twizt Remix) - Sil
Erie Tech House with a Dutch feel, this would definitely kill at a rave.

Hamlet (No Body's Just Brain Edit) - Stedd & Numca
Super Big Room Progressive House.  Really catchy and danceable, this could actually work for a college crowd, just throw a Will.I.Am. acapella over it.

Sabotage (Original Mix) - Jason Taylor
Tech House, more like it's genre than the other Tech House tracks above.  Great rolling bass, I don't know how else to describe those Tech basses that just sort of pitch bend all around rather than play a line per se.

I Am The Beat feat. Louisahhh!!! (Treasure Fingers Remix) - Senor Stereo
And some classic feeling House to end.

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