26 January 2011

Drum & Bass VS Dubstep

This post shall be divided into two. Which genre shall prevail?  YOU DECIDE

Also, I'd like to put a request out to any readers I still have. Due to the fact that I've taken about 2 months off to live and breath Futbol (FC Schalke 04, fuckin take that German cup), I'd like to ask if anyone out there has some tracks from the recent months that I should check out, post the names/artists in the comments.


Here's a great EP that came out recently by Camo & Krooked, some of the more celebrated DnB producers right now.  It's got facemelters, super subby tracks, and prettier tracks.  DnB FTW!

Pulse Of Time EP - Camo & Krooked

Dubstep time

Brain - Ajapai (Golden Banana)
If your looking for a track that will me you feel like the world is coming to an end, look no further.

Piano Tune - Bar9
Calm, relaxing sample, then waaaaaaaahwahhhawahahwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyaaaaayyayayabuuuuuuuhbrghragiulfugldasfasdh

Bring It Back - Bare
More facemelting

Run Train - Hulk
I mean, if you don't get excited or at least curious as hell by the concept of a Dubstep remix of Ozzy's Crazy Train, then you don't belong here.


  1. So...

    Bart B More - Gilles
    Harvard Bass - Pruno
    Highbloo - Time to Change EP
    Afrojack - Replica
    Like a G6 (Jesse Jamz Remix)
    Chromeo - Hot mess (Djedjotronic Remix)
    Roy Rosenfeld - Balloons
    Vanilla - Wet Wet
    Gesaffelstein - Atmosphere
    Para One - Nevrosis/ (the other tune in the EP i don't remember)
    Noob, Brodinski, Djedjotronic, Harvard Bass - Extreme compote
    Check Rubberteeth on soundcloud ;)
    Das Glow & Strip steve - calcium (techno to the mex)

    Hmmm, i think that will do, tell me if you want more.

  2. Thanks buddy, didn't know about most of these. Rubberteeth is sick. Big thanks again, I was pretty sure my call would go unanswered.


    and you need:
    -Shake Them Hips (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
    -Sonic Manipulator - Document One
    -Divine (Danger Remix) - Sebastien Tellier

    and "She Said (16bit Remix)" by Plan B has been on repeat for like, a month after hearing Gaslamp and Nobody play it at Low End. By no means new, but that bass has fucking fangs.

  4. ALSO:


    chord progressions = life