28 January 2011

Death Race (2?)

Cinematic art, no?  I believe the director is a true auteur.  Kind of like how Eric Prydz is an autuer.  Let's celebrate one of the greatest producers with a semi-dedicated post.


Niton (Club Mix) - Eric Prydz (Golden Banana)
So epic, and I'm such a sucker for this vocal track.  Yes, they're cheeeeeeeez, but I can't help but love it.

Niton (Original Mix) - Pryda
Basically the Pryda remix.  Everything that makes the above track Eric Prydz, this is Pryda, especially in length.

Illusions (Original Mix) - Pryda (Golden Banana)
The super epic Progressive House that only Pryda can make.  He's two steps ahead of the scene at all times.

The End (Original Mix) - Pryda (Silver Banana)
More incredibly epic Progressive House.  This one's a bit more relaxed.

Glimma (Original Mix) - Pryda
Great bass sounnd

Vega (Original Mix) - Pryda
The prettiest in the bunch, also somewhat relaxed.  It's all about how he gives and takes away, sort of makes him like God.

Now for non Prydz tracks:

Stars On 45 (Olav Basoski Remix) - Stars On 45 (GOOOOOLDEN BANANA)
This has got to be the top Disco House jam out right now.  It's like a bigger room version of Barabara Streisand.  EVERYONE PLAY THIS!

Lose Control (Johan Wedel Remix) - Deniz Koyu (Silver Banana)
This sounds like a John Dahlback track with how he treats the vocals.  It's like a progressive Bangkok.

Can't Sleep (Kill Paris's Dubstep Remix) - Above And Beyond
Dubstep remix of Trance.  I'm surprised that this doesn't happen more often, close tempo.  The drop is heavy though, not relaxed.

Also, I forgot to add AwB artwork, so if you want to prove to me telepathically that you're the biggest apes fan out there, you'll add it yourself.  Nerd.

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