26 November 2010

Obscure Video Game Character #13

 Who's gonna get this one?  +500 Bastille Love and Admiration Points?  Game on.


I mean, it's Dada Life.  Always solid Electro House when their name is attached.

Drug Abuse - BetaTraxx (Silver Banana)
This track is really impressive.  Didn't know about this dude till gLAdiator told me that they were opening for him.  I wish more Electro today was like this.

For those who wants to drop some Tronage in their sets.  Great Electro House remix, BIG.

Some old school Japeneese Techno (aka J Tek).  This is for the history buffs out there like myself.  It's cool to see where we came from.

And why not see where Techno has ended up?  Minimal, dark, amazing.

Drum N Bass?  You don't say...

Commercial build, Dutch drop.  But it doesn't feel as random as an Afrojack drop.

Sick Electro track.

Some Big Room House, on the Tech side.



  1. that's the robo hitler boss from Wolfenstein 3D. fuck those chainguns

  2. Cheers to the flavor bitch. Thanks for playing.