22 November 2010

Obscure Video Game Character #11

Name the furry lil furry fella on the left and earn yourself a modest +400 Bastille Love and Admiration points.  Let's do music time.


Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix) - Plan B (GOLDEN BANANA)
So I guess when Drum & Bass sounds like Dubstep, it's called Drumstep.  Easy enough.  Here's an example, and it is good.

Big Boss - Doctor P
And another.  MASSIVE Dubstep track.

Beef Jerky - Dirtee Bronson
Found this on soundcloud, dude has like 10 followers.  Really catchy, relaxed House with a reggae feel, unique.  It's certainly nice to hear something new.  This could have almost been on the Snatch soundtrack, for those of you who've seen that.  Give this dude a peep by clicking HERE.

And now that those are out of the way, Techno time:

Eazy (Original Mix) - Andrea Bertolini (Silver Banana)
Techno is so cooooooooool i cun barely contain meself.

Late Night (Original Mix) - Adam K & Addy
Get down.   Booop bop booop.

Wrong Exit (Lutzenkirchen Remix) - Alexander Maier, Marius Lehnert
Ticky tacky ticky tacky

Pretty Lu (Original Mix) - Andrea Bertolini
Kinda Progressive Techno

La Bonita (Austin's Zombie Remix) - Austin Leeds
Tech House with a fun tribal chant/feel