21 November 2010

Obscure Video Game Character #10

Two characters this time, but if you know one of them, pretty solid chance you know both.  They're brothers, after all.  HINT:  They love pizza.  +300 Bastille Love and Admiration Points to the first correct answer in the comments.  This is a particularly Housey post.


Fan Out - Surkin (GOLDEN BANANA)
It's been a while, but this track rules.  Very different for him too.  House, slower tempo, funky as hell.  Also, first time this blog has posted a track by him.  Strange...

You Needed Me (Fred Falke Remix) - The Playin' Stars feat. Romanthony
The vocals are super cheese, sure, but it is House music after all, right?  Anyways, this is that classic Falke sound that we love.

Squeek (Bart B More Remix) - Zombie Nation (Silver Banana)
Some Electro Techno, and massive track.  I can see this being played out by so many DJs on big stages.

Marsch Marsch (Original Club Mix) - Thomas Gold
Great intro track, used this to start off my gig at FLUX two nights ago (shit was crazy, big thanks to the readers that made it out).  Progressive House.  Toolroom Records has been killing it recently.

Show You A Life (Adam K Remix) - A-Luv ft Tamara
Tech House, groooooooooooovy

Brrrat! (His Majesty Andre Remix) - Armand Van Helden / Steve Aoki
Haven't heard from this dude in a while, nice to see that his still makin some banging House.

Don't Hold Back (Out Of Office Remix) - The Potbelleez
Big Room Electro House.  Commercial stuff.  But like, this would DESTROY a Big Room, it's just not for the 'that shit is gay' readers.  You know who you are, and I say fuck the haters.


Hypnotize U (Prod. by Daft Punk) - N.E.R.D.
Not sure how I missed this one, probably during the period when I was ignoring all things music and instead producing / playing mad Fifa.  Don't get too excited though, this is not exactly the Daft Punk sound you're yearning for, but they made it.


  1. lapras and charizard

  2. i wanna say them dudes is from Spyro

  3. Keep em coming, I guess this one was harder than I expected.

  4. It's Chilly Willy and Chilli Billi, the bosses from Hailfire Peaks in Banjo-Tooie.

    -your temporary secretary

    PS. I think I now realize where your love of puns comes from.

  5. it's the hailfire peaks bosses from banjo-tooie, but I don't have their names. I could sing you the song from that level, though

  6. obviously that comment hadn't loaded when I wrote mine...


  7. Looks like the points go to my temporary secretary (I have like 3 guesses as to who you could be)! Thanks for playing.

    And Rasch, you can get 100 points.