02 October 2010

Y'all Go Apeshit

This batch is great.  It's really great.  Especially the bananas.  Get them bananas.


Take Over Control (Ian Carey Remix) - Afrojack Ft. Eva Simons (GOLDEN BANANA)
God I've been waiting to get my hands on a 320 of this.  Prog House at it's best, I really mean it.  This shit's on loop.

Olympia (Original Mix) - John Dahlback (GOLDEN BANANA)
There has to be two Golden's for this post.  ANother beautifully done track by one of the best in the game.  DO NOT MISS THIS, ANOTHER PROG BANGER.  On loop.

Club Can't Handle Me (Felguk Remix) - David Guetta, Flo Rida (Silver Banana)
In ANY OTHER POST, this would be a Golden Banana, but the above tracks are SO GOOD, that this has got to be a silver.  Super poppy builds, but crazy drop.  Also on loop.

Disco Popp Shit (Dirtyloud Remix) - c2001c
More great Electro House from Brazil.  He's kinda like Felguk's apprentice I feel, not quite as versatile/melodic, but he hits harder.

Break Me Down (Tek-One Remix) - The One Hundred
Beautiful Dubstep track.

Drag On (High Rankin Remix) - Urchins
HEAVY ASS ELECTRO.  With some Wah Wah goin on.

Bright Lights (Mark Knight Remix) - Die & Interface feat William Cartwright
And how bout some Tech House to finish up.

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