30 September 2010


It's 4 am here in the UK stumbled across this MASSIVE HOUSE TUNE!!!! DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT NOW!!!!!

Cold as Ice (Alex Gaudino Remix) - Foreigner Fuckin mental Banana!

Simple P

ps: I'll type a proper article later....


  1. 3 articles in a day might be a little much...

  2. It would be awesome if you added an mp3 player to your blog yo.

  3. i agree anonymous, three posts is too much. we actually have a rule saying no more then 1 post a day and at most two on occasion, but it seems that sometimes we either forget or post things too quickly overwhelmed by our enthusiasm

  4. i recognize Congorock`s Babylon at the end) nice

  5. Bastille is spot on. And Yeah red_white u right +10 AWB admiration points! :)

  6. faux pas much?
    Don't the men of this blog already HAVE a dope house remix of this song?

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