17 October 2010

Obscure Video Game Character #4

Who is this?  What a weird looking dude.  Maybe if he had a name, I wouldn't be so pissed off at him.  I wonder what it is?  What could you call such a monstrosity?  If you can tell me without clicking on the picture (we are pirates, not cheaters), then i'll award you +250 Bastille Love and Admiration Points.  The first to get to 10,000 gets to take this thing home, who knows, maybe it has some use, like fishing or something.


Take Over Control (Spencer & Hill Remix) - Afrojack
It's good, kinda sounds like they're trying to be more like Wolfgang Gartner, but not really pulling it off.  But I've got friends that are raving over this track, so maybe you will too.  It's Dominator-tastic.

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit 2K9 (DJ Grine Dee & Misha Mirell Remix) - Fedde Le Grand
Nice take on this if you're looking for something harder than the original.  Sounds very German Electro House.

Like This (Original Mix) - Sgt Slick
Some Dutch House.  It's fun, that's for sure.  Really great bass drums.

Sex Sax (TAI Remix) - Drop The Lime
Electro Techno, play this out at your college dance parties.  Evil ass bass.

I Love Batucada (Koen Groeneveld Mix) - Robbie Rivera, Dero
Super Minimal Techno.  DO NOT play this out at your college dance parties.  Strictly ravers only.

He's The Man (Eric Entrena Remix) - Paolo Mojo
Some straight up House.  Funky, dancey, I like it.

Paradise Poltergeist (Gtronic Remix) - Tai feat. Steve Aoki
Heavy ass Electro.  If you need something to bang your head on, a 2x4 will work quite nicely.

Sexy (Original Mix) - Ron Carroll, RC Groove
This is pretty hilarious.  I don't really like this song, I just think Ron Carroll is hilarious.


  1. the gtronic remix is fucking KILLER.

  2. pretty sure its Big the Cat from the dreamcast sonic games?

  3. Normally I wouldn't allow writers of the blog to win these points, but since you clearly were the only person that was gonna get this one, you win.