21 October 2010

Disco Villains Always be killin it

We've already seen disco villains kill it many times before. But recently they've really been steppin up their game and becoming more and more professional. These Mexican Djs really know where it's at and I can firmly say that this blog is a big fan of their work. They've come quite a ways since I first heard them 2 years ago.  I would say try and support these guys as much as you can, they deserve more recognition then they have. You can check out our really old interview with them, here.


P.S. Djs are more like rockstars then most rockstars.

Chiketere (Preview) by the Disco Villains, this Ep came out back in September and we unfortunately seemed to have missed it. But this shit's sounding so cool, definitely go hit this up on beatport. And the whole EP is up there too with a great remix by Lazaro Casanova and a cool dub.

Also go check out their soundcloud. While I like this song, I gotta say there's a bunch on their which I like even more. I particularly like Carnavalismo.

M likes this one a lot:
Disco Villains - Bomdong by Disco Villains

We are looking to soon be releasing one of our newest disco house beats on Louie Fresco's new label compilation so look out for that. Go check out the sample, and we'd love to hear some feedback.

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