05 October 2010

It's makin me Ill

Illmerica has arrived. And I think we can all agree that Wolfgang is no longer the second coming. I think this officially pushes him into surpassing whoever it was that was above him (I believe it to be Deadmau5, though he's been above him for a while). I was listening to the preview of this song on loop so havin the 320 is makin me all shivvery inside. But for the first time in my Pirate life, I feel kinda bad for Gartner:

“illmerica is out tomorrow. i wanted to let you know how much work goes into these tracks. i am not a guy who bangs out a track on a laptop on a 6 hour flight. Illmerica took me 3 weeks to make. about 300hrs of work. A lot of other producers make music very fast, and that’s fine! but the stuff I do to get this sound requires a lot of time. I wanted to say i hugely appreciate every one of you who buy my music!” – Wolfgang Gartner

I think we can all agree that if there's one man who needs our support it's this one. Wolfgang I salute you and hope to see you headlining stages in a years time. I fully expect it and in return I will not upload your song, go to beatport and get it.



  1. I'll do your blog a favor,

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  3. Sorry had to restate
    ^^not the best favor.
    Julien, I completely agree with your stance, I went and bought it myself. Good tracks are worth it.

  4. He's not quite above Deadmau5 yet, just simply because Deadmau5 has such a vast body of awesome material. Wolfgang hasn't released an album yet. He needs to keep going strong.