06 October 2010

EDX & Daniel Portman

Two extremely top notch yet often forgotten producers have done some collaborating.  The results are fantastic.


Darkside (Original JamSession Mix) - EDX, Daniel Portman
The original collab.  It's great, don't get me wrong, but I prefer both of their individual remixes.  Prog/Tech House.

Darkside (EDX 5un5hine Mix) - EDX, Daniel Portman
Straight up Prog House.  Beautiful, as always.  Same damn chord rhythm he always uses.  In fact, same damn chord changes.  Still, its great.

Darkside (Daniel Portman Club Mix) - EDX, Daniel Portman (Golden Banana)
This Tech track brings the fuckin rave.

Hip (Original Mix) - Daniel Portman & EDX (Silver Banana)
These guys together just make the perfect mix of Tech and Prog.  It's awesome.

Hip (Koen Groeneveld Remix) - Daniel Portman & EDX
Not as good as the original in my opinion.  But, since he's a name I know Techno fans are interested in, I decided to include it.

Out Of The Rain (Extended Mix) - EDX & Tamra Keenan
More beautiful Prog work from EDX.  Dis one's got those vocals too, and cheesy lyrics.

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