11 October 2010

French House Arrest Episode XII: 1999

Gonna revive an old series I do here on the development of the best damn genre of dance music there is.  This is French House Arrest.  You can check out the earlier episodes by clicking on the link under Best of AwB.  This episode will be the first on the great year of 1999.  I've got one of the best damn French House albums of all time, along with two tracks from some great French dudes.

I love Cassius.  At the time, they were like the 'other' Daft Punk that didn't really make it.  And deservedly so, they aren't gods, but they did put out one of the best damn French House releases ever.  Cassius is Boom Bass and Philippe Zdar, who was a member of Motorbass (the first French House group, read about it HERE), produced the latest Phoenix album, and is producing the new album by The Rapture.  Why is this album important?  It's a great definition of the genre, that is, the sound they create is cooler than you can ever hope to be.  Listening requires lighting up a cigarette.

ALSO, Cassius just released a new EP on Ed Banger Records TODAY.  It's not that great, unfortunately, but it's nice to see that Ed Banger still exists and is working with some legends of the past.

Meet Jackson.  Sometimes, he goes by Jackson and His Computer Band.  However, back in 1999, he was just Jackson.  He's sort of fallen into obscurity, unfortunately, but he will always be a legend among the French DJ scene.  Here's a little rare gem he released in 1999 that I picked up a while back.  Who ever said drum machines have no soul?  And if you're looking to cop his recent IDM album, you can do so HERE.

Meet Sébastien Léger.  He's another French House giant.  Here's a funky track by him that was released in the fine year of 1999.

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