28 September 2010

Wordsmith - Of Mics and Men

Wesleyan's very own rapper, Wordsmith, has made quite a name for himself, packing every venue he's every played on campus, and it's not just because of his backing band The Concert G's, which consists of many of the most talented musicians on campus.  People come to hear his words, and I've to be honest, I'm not a fan of rap (I like beats), but I am a fan of Wordsmith.  I'm proud to announce his brand new album, having taken 3 years to make, is finally out.  Gonna give a special shout out to Jared Paul, who produced, mixed, and mastered the whole thing.  That's what I'm, at heart, all about, and he's done a great job.  Hope you enjoy this, it's a really dark album with clear influence from Atmosphere.

( via The New Confusion)

Book Of - Wordsmith (Golden Banana)
My favorite track of the album, if you feel like sampling before grabbing the whole thing.

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  1. joanna newsom - the book of right on

    shit, a rap song sampling joanna newsom. i've heard it all