27 September 2010

Multiple Assorted Jam Hot Tracks!

yea yea, this is Jumpman, dropping by from LA with some funky beats,
first up is a UK Funky track by Redlight, which is no doubt a good vocal track, love Roses Gabor, but im considering that it might hit harder as an instrumental i'll let you decide, one of the most ravey in yo face Funky songs i've heard, good show.
Redlight - Stupid (feat. Roses Gabor)
Redlight - Stupid (instrumental)

Next is Redlight's epic Dubstep anthem with UK Garage classic Ms. Dynamite toasting hardcore over his MDMA instrumental, gourgeous and hardhitting, can't ask for more than that in a tune,
Redlight - What You Talking About!? (feat. Ms. Dynamite) ]) Golden Banana
Redlight - MDMA

Speaking of Dubstep anthems, here's Benga's latest pretty electroportamento tinged tune which made the rounds this summer with vocals by katy b, epic, great sound. im also giving you Katy's also good Funky song with zinc, if you don't know zinc, it's Electro/Bassline House done by a veteran DnB artist, both of these are very focused on the vocal element, which is good cause Katy B does an amazing job each and every,
Benga - On A Mission (feat. Katy B) ]) Silver Banana
Zinc - Louder (feat. Katy B)

This one's really Pop-py, well so are the last two, but so infectious even your folks would start dancing, melodic grime, with trance/prog inspired chords and sweeps, pure class, champagne all around!
Skepta - Bad Boy

Oh snap, this one's personal, dark subs, classic long, extended, dubbed out chords, eno-esque melancholy, hardcore stuff, grime grime grime, zone out to the kick of the drum
Starkey - Numb (feat. P-Money)

Wow, been lovin this Hudmo remix of Grime champion Wiley for a minute now, cats better get on this, oldschool rave chords give way to amazing funky, tribal drums, featuring some beautiful UK Garage style pitch shifted cut up diva vocals,
Wiley - Electric boogaloo (Find A Way)[Hudson Mohawke Re-Fix]

one of my favorite tunes this year, carnival ready, wish it had gotten a proper release, but then again Funkystepz never really releases 90% of their material much to my chagrin, loads of tropically soaked percussion, breathy bass, polyphonic fun
Rihanna - Rude Boy (Funkystepz UK Funky Mix)

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