15 September 2010

Can You Hear Me Major Tom?

The top tune in this package in massive.  Enough to earn the picture above.  Whoever can name this character correctly, along with the game this picture is from, wins +10 Bastille Love and Admiration Points.  Let's GO!


Paradise Poltergeist - Tai (Golden Banana)
Some serious tunage right here.  I'm gonna call this Electro Techno, but bigger names than me call this just Techno.  Get it while the gettin's good, this shit's hot off the press and very likely to be taken down.

Pound 4 Pound - edIT
Hell yes, I really can't get enough of this Breakbeat / Glitch Hop shit.

No Reasons (Angger Dimas Remix) - Alex Armes
Progressive banger, strings and all.  Super Big Room, I just see this exploding.

Gettt - DJ Antention
More face melting

Rawmania (Rubix Remix) - Solo
Sans distortion.  I don't think I'd play this live, but damn I like listening to it.  Tribaly House, klesmery sort of.


  1. solid snake. snake eater. epic indeed

  2. False, it's Big Boss. This aint no clone we're talking about. But props, I'll give you +5.