13 September 2010

bass in your face

This Dude looks like a complete hippie.

I'm not going to deny that I first really heard about Bassnectar from this raver chick I used to hook up with. She was balls nuts. All in all I don't like her. I think that's why it took me until very recently to actually sit down and look into his shit.

Lorin Ashton, I'm proud to say, is a good old dude from San Francisco, California (where I currently reside). You can definitely tell by the picture, you don't see that kind of hair as frequently anywhere else but SF. In fact, again I'm not going to lie to you, I could have seen this dude in the park next to my apartment (full of hippies), and walked straight past until I had looked up his picture.

But in all honesty I would probably still walk by, completely oblivious. They all kinda look the same.

But in the end what matters is the music, and this guy makes some shit intense rattling Dubstep. I also hear his shows are incredible, and I'm really hoping to get to go to one soon. I am in his hometown.

I'm sure all the readers already know of him, but I decided, as he hasn't really made an appearance on the blog yet, this would be his debut (I'm sure he'll thank us for acknowledging him).


First Up I put up a few single tracks in case people weren't wanting the albums or for some reason need a preview of sorts:

Seek and Destroy (Bassnectar Remix) by Metallica, yep yep. Awesome, he proclaimed his love for Metallica on his myspace, he did em right.

Ridiculous Wobble - Feat. Nibu by Bassnectar, wobble wobble wobble, I wonder when the day comes that nobody gives a shit about the wobble anymore.

Blast Off (Original Mix) by Bassnectar (Golden Banana) That should say enough, it's my favorite of his.

Heads up by Bassnectar, This is kinda how I feel when my roomate is being an asshole and wakes me up from my nap purely out of idiocy.






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