29 August 2010

I Sorry

Hello again, loyal readers.  I come to you with my tail in between my legs, as I've been a lazy fucking blogger.  I am not J, Jumpman, nor Simple P, and it is my responsibility to keep this thing alive and running, and I have simply not done that this summer.  However, summer is over, so I'm going to be getting back to what I do.  As always, you can comment with requests, like specific songs or just genres, and I'll help you out.  Who knows, maybe the others writers will even post.


Apes From Space (Dirtyloud Remix) - Aaren San
Huge Electro House track from Brazil, play this at your next gig.  Sounds kinda German style to me with a little less cheese.


  1. all is forgiven. post on these guys, simple P posted their remix of Nightcall and they are fucking fantastic.


  2. psytrance post plz!!!