18 June 2010

Opening for Starkillers and Bingo Players!

To all Los Angeles readers looking for something to do this lovely Friday eve.  We, that is, Bastille, will be playing tonight at the Avalon, that's on Hollywood and Vine, tonight along with Starkillers and Bingo Players.  Last minute, I know, but exciting nonetheless.  This will be our first real gig in Los Angeles, so we'd love to see your faces there.  Come and introduce yourselves, it'd be nice to put faces to readers.  Can't wait.


Bitch Ass Trick - Starkillers (Golden Banana)

Muzik (Bingo Players Remix) - Villanord (Golden Banana)

Cold As Ice (Bastille Remix) - Foreigner


  1. Just so you all know, Cold as Ice is a Platinum Banana, seriously excellent work by these guys

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