16 June 2010

AZN Bran

We have a lot to thank the Asians for.  And by a lot I mean video games.  Here's a post of random stuff:


Born Free (12th Planet Remix) - M.I.A. (Golden Banana)
Blast this from your car with the windows down and stare down the person next to you.  That's called rollin' deep.

How Deep Is Your Love - Keith Sweat
Old school R&B jam.  It's literally like sex coming from the speakers.  Tony, if you still read this, this song is for you.

Pick Up The Party - DJ Agent 86
Breakbeat, Funk, and Rap come together in the best way possible.  Highly recommend this jam.  +10 Bastille Love and Admiration points to whoever names the song and artist sampled for the beat of this one.

It Kills Me (Breakage Remix) - Melanie Fiona
Some UK Garage, this one's for you Jumpman.  Also, Breakage is killing it, everyone look out for this dude.

Freaks (Bird Peterson Remix) - Wale
Nice beat, glad to see new stuff from this guy.  If you remember, we interviewed him a while back, check it HERE.

Coco Drunk (Douster Remix) - Poirier
Not really my style, but I know lots of you get into this shit.  Bass heavy.

The Great Zany Show (Instrumental Mix) - Zany
Hardstyle Trance.  Gotta love it, really do.  Cheers DaftWho.

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  1. Nice post man! and what a surprise you put some (dutch) Hardstyle in it!
    cheers from the netherlands