08 May 2010


I like to party.  I like to dance.  And I love to get down to some good tunes.  There is no better way to do all this, however, than with the bros.  I mean, look at these guys.  Each one brings something to the group, as they make especially clear in this picture.  The one on the left brings the humor, then the next one's reppin' (lamest bro, but someone's gotta be it, right?), 3rd bro brings the party, last dude is the rock, like the guy who's super chill but could totally kick your ass at any minute and can drink your ass under the table so hard you'll be fisting a toilet with your face while he's layin down game on your girl.  So here are some great Progressive jams that are guaranteed to get your bros going.  That 30 rack of Keystone Ice won't shotgun itself.


Some Chords (Original Mix) - Deadmau5
Massive tune.  Also, this is Electro House and the only one in this post, but this needed to be posted.

Sometimes (Daddy's Groove Rework)  - Dim Chris feat. Amanda Wilson (Golden Banana)
I seriously think that these guys should be ruling the Progressive scene.  They have a somewhat Swedish sort of sound, but it's just more innovative.

Hoover (Adam K Remix) - EDX
This shit hits so hard, it's like playing slap shots.

Salvation (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Remix) - Chris Reece
Great rave tune, super pretty and hits incredibly hard as well.  While the chord changes might be a bit too familiar, it works.

Fantasy (EDX Remix) - Nadia Ali
Wow.  J is gonna be ALL up in this one.  He sent me a cute bromantic text last night.

Fantasy (Starkillers Remix) - Nadia Ali
Not as good as the above mix, but still quite good.  Is this Progressive House, or is it Trance?

Nyce (Original Mix) - Moguai
Some great shit coming from Mau5trap.

Nothing Is Wrong (Original Mix) - Adam K & Soha
And why not end it with a classic winning combo.  They really do make the best chords.


Also, have you guys SEEN the lineup for EDC this year?  It's just way too good.  Great place to roll deep with your bros and do some serious fist pumping.

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