24 March 2010

Mewzic Jungle

Red Bull Thre3Style Drastik Winning Set Canadian Finals from Red Bull Thre3Style.

Dear Party Animals...

What you can hear is the jaw dropping scratching skills of Red Bull's Thre3Style competition winner, Drastiks and the power of freakin time codes! Too much to say...
Scratching skills: Amazing
Opening/Closing roars: Shit hard
Mashups: M.I.A - Paper Planes vs Nirvana - Bloom ,<>
(I'll write down the track list later)

A few mistakes but overall skill prevails..... By a long shot.... There is some serious shit going down in Canada.

Cocaino - no1else (320 kbps) Cocaine for your eardrums

Jenova - DatsikT (128 kbps) This shit right here... is called Death

Metalworld (Son of a Beat remix) - Forza (320kbps) pure extacy

I'm Simple P

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  1. wow, when pon de floor comes in and what he does with it, amazing