21 March 2010

Banana Smoothy

I must confess although I like to dance hard and party harder. I also love kick back on my long chair in the garden and feel the breeze while enjoying the image of the sunlight going the leaves. With this in mind today's music selection is just to sit back relax and enjoy the sweet sounds of music.

Straight to... Number One (Dreamcatcher mix) - Touch & Go(256 kbps)Smooth Banana. The saxophone will drift you into modern jazz heaven.

Sinner Man [Felix da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix]- Nina Simone(256kbps) A Legendary combo can only deserve a Platinum Banana

Felix Da Housecat

I'm Simple P

Dance Hard Party Harder

ps: Feedback on having chill out sundays would be appreciated.


  1. I'm all for it
    as long as those bastille boys play along too

  2. haven't received any complaints from them so far...

  3. i am also posting chillout sundays :)

  4. I have no problems with it, I'm usually too hungover sunday to what to post anyways so go for it.