16 February 2010

Who's that bitch?



Hot damn I'm back kids and this time it gets dirty. My friend the other day asked me to make him a good playlist he could play during sex and to mix it for him. Unfortunately I just don't have time right now to mix it for him, but I'll put up the playlist I made anyways. Obviously there will be disagreements on whether a song is sexy, but always try and remember that some of the harder stuff is needed to just make it raunchy as fuck. 
His prerequisites were that he needed a more hardcore song around every 15 min when he would make the girl finish, with his estimated length of time being around 45 minutes (I guess he lasts a while). So i structured it in that way, ranging from the sexy prog, those walking basslines, and just plain crazy stuff, hope you guys enjoy. But just because most guys don't last that long I put the baller songs up top, and the more chill songs near the bottom when you kinda just need to chill.

And you know, if you finish way before the playlist is over (it is an hour long) then just pause and pick up the pace a little later on the night, or even in the morning (one of my personal favorites). Don't feel bad, you're still a G, you just got ass.

Also remember that this playlist doesn't necessarily need to be when shit's going down, sex usually comes after a little whiles with some patience, this could speed it along for you guys who just hate that interim shit.

Many of these songs have already been posted in those "best of" posts, but here is the playlist anyways IN ORDER


P.S. Avicii remix of we are is in the zip, but I don't want it in the playlist.

Tea Leaf Dancers by Flying Lotus, Start it off slow and smooth. Probably the sexiest song on this playlist.

Out There Ft. Basto by John Dahlback, I've raved about this one before. So cheesy, get a good laugh out of it, but the pace is starting to pick up. "I don't know where to go, how to find you, you could be anywhere."

Now it's getting hot and heavy:

Flashback (Goldie Remix) by Calvin Harris, I put this song on and David was just like this need to be on it. "I'm fighting for my life" "This is like all the things you can fit inside a memory". Sounds like sexy, right?  It's gettin rough......

Heartbreaker (Woflgang Gartner Remix) by MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend, Love this song. Has both that sexy element, because John Legend's voice in this is just so sexy and smooth. Then Gartner comes in and bring in that rough dirty shit.

Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) by The Whitest Boy Alive, slowin it back down, let's bring in that bassssssssss   llllllliiiiiinnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee. And if she finished, see this as a victory song.

Make You Mine by Miami Horror, All the worries in your mind let them go and start advancing.

 Last bit for the win, Tiffany got me back in this song.
Everybody (Dabruck and Klein Remix) by Rudenko, This song is intense, and yet the vocals are so sexy. Keepin it real. Simplicity works best. This is like sex on the dancefloor in a song.

And for the slow down period of time:

Embrace (Fred Falke and Miami Horror Remix) by PNAU Feat. Ladyhawke, Another Fred Falke and Miami Horror? Well they just know their shit.

Baby (Breakbot Remix) by PNAU, who didn't expect some breakbot. So smooth.

Keep it safe kids, wouldn't want any electro house babies runnin around.

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