04 December 2009

Solo Cups!

Neither an inconspicuous red cup or the bad ass owner of the fastest ship in the galaxy, Solo is a Tribal/Tech DJ form the UK who's really won me over with his awesome beats. It's Minimal, it's Funky, and it's really fun, unlike the super dark Minimal Techno that we usually post.



Midgets In Bricklane - Solo
Psychedelic (in the George Harrison picking up a sitar sense) with a tribal beat, and a one of those tiny little high synth hooks.

How You Like Me Now? (Solo Remix) - The Heavy
This one's very unlike his other tracks, but I really like it. I guess because it's a remix of rock, so it leaks into the track a lot.

Con Alegria (Solo More Cowbell Remix) - DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto
Great, really great. Awesome Tribal/Tech track.

I Dream Of Crystal (Solo Remix) - Maps
This one's got his signature while also being a really beautiful track.

Afreaka - Solo
More really awesome Tribal/Tech. I love his style.

Solo Collection
By Track // Zipped

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