26 November 2009

This sucks

Robbie Rivera's album closer to the sun sucks. Plain and simple. There are some ok songs like I'm a badass and Rock the Disco... but really what the hell... And that hit single closer to the sun sucks too. Departures is the best song on the album by far, and even that is kinda boring. A lot of it sounds like shitty indie rock with house vocals, and horribly done electro. Not a single song I really like that much.

At the same time however I don't really know much Robbie Rivera that I really like. Let's think... wait there's nothing.

Ultimate Fail, one of the worst of 2009.


Here's the album, don't get excited. Golden Banana Loser. If Robbie Rivera was in mario kart, he would have slipped on a banana peal (maybe a golden banana peal) and lost the fucking race.

Here's what should have happened:

Closer to the sun (Inpetto Dub) by Robbie Rivera, saves the song. Notice it's a dub. I don't usually put up dubs, I like cheesy house vocals, but you have to for this song.

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