24 September 2009

Sample Quiz

So this song randomly came on while I was listening to something else, and I realized where one of my favorite electro song got its roots. Of course you could have found out where the electro song got its samples just by looking online or what not. Maybe I'm late to the game and everybody knows the answer to this quiz but whatever.

It was obvious to me within a few seconds of this song coming on, and the winner gets 10 Bastille Love and Admiration Pts. (notice the first letters have been capitalized so you know it's important love and admiration; and M you can't go for it). Write your answers in the comments. I would recommend for those who get to this late to not look at the comments but to first try and get it themselves.


Which electro song and producer sampled quite a few things from this song:

Let's Start the Dance by Bohannon

and for good measure I'll throw in this song too though it has nothing to do with the quiz, maybe someone will hear a sample in it or something:

Foot Stompin' Music by Bohannon

P.S. I've made a commitment to doing more posts, and I genuinely expect to hold to that commitment. However, I'm pretty sure my computer is on the verge of death (seeing as it almost didn't turn on this afternoon). So if my computer dies, and i'm pretty sure it would last another 2 weeks, it's probably going to be a little while until I get a new one, so you can expect at most 2-3 posts until I get that new one.


  1. I thought this was gonna be easy but I honestly have no idea...

    I feel like I should know this

  2. take it back, I discovered by accident when I searched the name of the song to see if I just had it on my computer

    I did

    The Prodigy - No Good (Start the Dance)

    Maybe this is not what you were thinking?

  3. AWESOME, what a find! And no, sorry Danl, definitely not what he was thinking of.

  4. Above comment and this one signed

  5. Well, I just looked it up and I don't feel so bad because I never would've gotten it.

    But I do like that song now haha

  6. mr. oizo - gay dentist ;-)... the arveene and misk remix of the oizo track is ILL.

  7. +10 Bastille Love and Admiration Pts for HundredProof