12 September 2009

Breakbeat Batch

I want more Breakbeat, it's just a lot of fun and there isn't enough of it. Or maybe I don't know where to look. Regardless, here are a few tracks that I've found that I think you'll enjoy:

-M (is there any point in even signing these anymore?)

It's the Weekend (Breaks Vocal Version) - Andrew Friendly feat. Fast Eddie

Hard hitting Electro Breaks. I love this shit. The vocals are definitely cheesy, but the rest is absolutely killer.

Gangsters (2 Bit Thugs ReRub) (Dirty version) - Rico Tubbs

Fidgety Breaks? Whatever, it definitely works.

The Party (Splitloop Remix) - Rico Tubbs

I've posted this before, I love it, it rules. This would just destroy a crowd, I know it, but I do have yet to test it out.

The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Remix) - Scotty
Dave Darell, German Electro House genius, does Pirates Of The Caribbean. That should wet your pants if you've been reading this blog for a while.

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