23 August 2009


Woodlington is the name of a French/Disco House producer (or rather his dog) from the UK who's actually been making music since 1998 after being inspired by all the big 90s dudes (aka Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, and Fatboy Slim). He's always been fascinated by the making of music using samples, making him a perfect fit for French House. I discovered this guy via his last.fm (HERE), and really liked his tracks. So after about a month of trying to contact him, I finally managed to track him down and grab some 320s. However, he didn't have a 320 of one of my favorites of his, so I've only got it in 128. I hope you enjoy these tracks, I'd be surprised if you managed to find them anywhere else.


Dancing Stars - Woodlington
So good. Great samples, great drums, great bass, lots of filters and phasers and such.

Inspired Initiative - Woodlington
Nothing is funkier than a guitar riff that switches off between the root and flat seven (come on music nerds, I know you're out there!)

Take It Higher - Woodlington

The most relaxed of his tracks, it's really just a setup for a fantastic sample.

Starshine - Woodlington

Not as exciting as his other tracks, somebody like Louis La Roche should totally remix this track. Seems like a sample he'd do well with.

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