07 August 2009

The Way Umek Me Feel

Umek is a Minimal Techno DJ/producer from Solvenia that I've been wanting to check out for a while and finally got the energy to do so. Now, I very much enjoy my Minimal Techno, but it's definitely not for everyone, and for those of you who are unfamiliar with guys like Dubfire and Richie Hawtin, you may not enjoy this at all. It's very much an acquired taste, but I love this shit, it's in the running for the best rave music out there. But, if you've been enjoying the more minimal sounds coming from the Dutch, then you should definitely give this a try. But where the Minimal House is funky/tribal, this stuff is cold/robotic.


Karmient (Umek Remix) - Dyno
So awesome. The melody is just so damn catchy.

Senderoff (Umek Remix) - Fergie
Be careful driving after listening to this song, because I think it might affect your sobriety. And no, you're definitely thinking of the wrong Fergie, since this one also makes Minimal Techno and will be featured on here soon enough.

Collection Time! (10 Tracks). I was only able to find 10 tracks of him this time, but I'm sure there will be a catch up post on him eventually with some more tracks.

Umek Collection (All In One Zip)

Umek Collection (By Track)

Mirror Error (Das Glow Remix) - The Faint
Woah, some weird shit. Jumpman will definitely flip a shit over this. Hope his first day of college was awesome. If we have any readers from Bard college, you should definitely go find him and say what up from us.

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