07 August 2009

Funk kind of Cheesy Vocals

I like this cover

I think the bio on his Myspace, which is quite long I might add says a fair amount (this is only part of it):

Ironically, the free and easy days of early hip-hop disappeared, with Funkerman feeling creatively hemmed in by the rules and regulations that seemed to spring up around the sound. So it was that, in the early 90s, while spinning at Spock in Breda, the beats of Todd Terry, Derrick May, and Lil Louis that gradually worked their magic on the Dutchman. It was house music, and Funkerman was hooked.

Hooked swiftly turned to obsessed, as is the case in all true music success stories. Hobby became profession, a job in a record store introducing him to a wealth of new tracks and some of the people he would later collaborate and indeed go into business with. Hours spent not just listening to music but to other house fans raving on about tunes, he quickly began to understand the dimensions of what made one house anthem work and another disappear into the bargain section. Production was well and truly calling Funkerman.

Also MR. Funkerman, also works closely with Fedde. I decided not to do this post because of my extreme love for Funkerman, but because I feel there are many who would love everything that Funkerman does. I would try it instead of taking my word for anything.



Sexy Girl ( Funkerman Remix) by Chocolate Puma, Go see M's post to understand.

Sun is Shining (Funkerman Remix) by Bob Marley, Amazing chords, but though I enjoy the drop something doesn't feel right. Still love it though. And this doesn't have super cheesy vocals because it's Bob Marley.

Wheels in Motion (Original Mix) by Fedde Le Grand and Funkerman, Fedde's influence can definitely be heard over this track, but it's definitely worth getting for the funkerman side of it.

One For Me by Funkerman, definitely one of his best tracks, crap vocals of course.

Speed Up (Original Mix) by Funkerman, this is definitely his most popular song. It has a cool lead synth sound, but it just doesn't cut it for me. bad vocals

Slide (Original Mix) by Funkerman, Kinda Catchy in a weird way, still not amazing. His seond most popular song. Cheesy Hip Hop vocals, I don't like em.

My Collection.

All in One Zip

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