30 August 2009

Testing... Testing... is this thing on?

Hey all,

This is Procrastination speaking. I was graciously invited by the Apes with Barrels team to join with them in the noble quest of running this blog, to bring music to the masses, and more importantly, to get the masses dancing to some quality tracks. I make a little bit of music myself, which the AWB guys have been kind enough to post, but I'm gonna be focusing on bringing you all music that I like and think you should have.

Now this is primarily a house blog, and I do love house music, but I must say that when I really want to get down, I put on some Full-On Psytrance. Psytrance takes many forms, one of the more popular of which is Ambient Psytrance (played by artists such as Shpongle, Ott, and Younger Brother), but Full-On Psytrance is psychedelia taken to an insane, frenetic, glorious, 145 BPM height. So I'm gonna bring you one of my favorite Psytrance albums in this post.

Electro Sun is a producer from Israel (a place almost every Psytrance producer calls home) who makes some of the most exciting Psytrance out there. His melodies are meticulous and fast-paced, yet sweeping and epic, and most importantly, his builds are some of the most amazing in the business. Here's an album of his.


Here's the title track alone if you just want a taste:

We will now return to your regularly scheduled (house) programming.