29 August 2009

Storm The Mix!

It's almost that time for me to go back to school, which is great because I managed to secure myself a gig the day after I get there (that would be a gig on the 3rd for any Wes kids reading this). This gig is especially exciting because I get to introduce myself in the very best way to all the incoming Freshman. I will also be joined by our friend Procrastination, who will not only be coming to Wes but will also be splitting the gig with me. For this very special occasion, I decided to make a brand new mix (also trying to keep up with the Just Gravy, No Pototoes crew that seem to churn out Mixtapes like Chinese Parents do children). Anyways, I hope you enjoy the mix, it runs about an hour long. I definitely focused more on track selection than mixing, picking a bunch of Epic Tracks to blow them Freshman away. This is also the first of our mixes to feature an original track, which I seriously can't wait to hear on big speakers come Thursday.


Storm The Mix! - Bastille

LOTR - Trumpdisco
Knights Of Cydonia (Feed Me Remix) - Muse
Right Here, Right Now (Abel Ramos Brighton With Love Remix) - Fatboy Slim
Cold As Ice (Bastille Remix) - Foreigner
Hook Shot (Original Mix) - Wolfgang Gartner
I Stand Alone (Jean Elan Remix) - Voodoo & Serano feat. Plastic Inc
Live In Mexico (Original Mix) - Miles Dyson
Get Off (Original Mix) - Sharooz
Cool (Original Mix) - Spencer & Hill
Don't Touch Me (Bird Peterson Remix) - Busta Rhymes
Handguns (Dada Life Remix) - Alex Gopher
Pizza Hut Taco Bell (Guy Michael-Barletta Remix) - Das Racist
Side By Side (Original Mix) - Felguk
The Ecstasy Of Gold - Ennio Morricone

Gold - Mustard Pimp
This is a fantastic remix of the track I ended with. Enjoy.

OH, and in DJ news, looks like DJ AM died from overdose. I won't be the first to say that I was his biggest fan, but he somehow managed to borrow Thomas Bangalter's mask, and that is quite an achievement. Anyone who's got Daft Punk's approval definitely has mine. Just so weird since he literally JUST cheated death in that whole plane crash incident.


  1. This mix looks fantastic.

    I'm literally excited to listen to it.

  2. great mix man, really liked the busta rhymes song and side by side (sooo epic). ending with ecstasy of gold was awesome as well.

  3. and since you semi-trash talked dj am you absolutely have to watch this.